In ARS we know the importance of design renewal, and that is why we offer services that help our clients obtain this. Supporting in phases such as creation of concepts, development, validation, simulation, analysis and services parallel to design.

ARS provides the service of simulation packages and offline programming, relying on technologies such as NX CAM, offering the following to our customers:

    Simulation of your CNC Equipment for Collision          Verification.
       Modeling of Products, Parts and Assemblies.
       Modeling of Advanced Surfaces.
       Conversion from 2D to 3D.
       Detailed 3D to 2D.
       CAD to CAD migration of different platforms.
       Modeling of Assemblies.
   Validation of Assemblies with Coupling           Simulation Tools, Interference Analysis.
    Comparative Analysis of Different Design Versions, with the help of CAD Comparison Tools.           
      Static Analysis, with the use of linear and non-linear techniques.
        Dynamic Analysis, Frequency and Impact.
        Optimization of Design and Redesign.
        Thermal Analysis.
        Fluid Analysis.

The simulation of Robots allows us to optimize processes and provide facilities such as:

        Detection of Interferences and Collisions between Robots and Tools.
        Space Planning and Equipment Distribution.
        Validation of Cycle Times.
        Simulation and Development of Off-Line Programs.
        Reduction in Installation Times.